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Our Federation Eyrescroft Primary School
Highlees Primary School

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Bringing out the Best

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Our Curriculum is built around the Cornerstones Curriculum that maximises cross curricular links ensuring pupils have meaningful learning experiences. Social, Moral, Spiritual and Cultural Development is woven into this promoting a more holistic approach in order to prepare children for the next stage of their learning as well as life in Modern Britain.


We develop our awareness of the power of music by reflecting and expressing our own thoughts and feelings and our willingness to participate and respond to musical and cultural opportunities.

Religious Education

We foster awareness and understanding of a range of beliefs and practises in our community and the wider world. SMSC within RE, helps pupils develop their sense of identity and belonging in an increasingly diverse society.


We prepare for the challenges of living and learning in a technology enriched world, making clear guidelines about the ethical use of the internet.


We study a variety of genres which develops our awareness of moral and social issues, while increasing confidence and expertise in language which is an important aspect of our individual and social identity. 


We appreciate that mathematics contributes to our everyday life and by working together we are able to achieve better results. We explore patterns, investigate problems and mathematical relationships using logical reasoning to help us make decisions and choices.


We are encouraged to reflect on the wonder of the natural world. By showing an awareness of the way science can affect society and the environment, we show respect for different opinions.  


We appreciate the achievements of past societies and the motivation of individuals, recognising that actions have consequences, by considering the results of events and decisions made in history.


We create opportunities to reflect on the diverse nature of our world, thinking about changing landscapes and the environment and developing our awareness of issues surrounding climate change.


We use art to develop our aesthetic appreciation, exploring feelings of awe and wonder. Through the study of artists, we learn about spiritual and religious themes such as war.

Design Technology

During our investigations, we have opportunities to work as a team, share equipment and recognise each other’s strengths.

Physical Education

Through activities involving teamwork, cooperation, competition, rules, self-discipline and fair play, we develop the skills of self-reflection, personal awareness and challenge.

Early Year Foundation Stage (EYFS)

Reception classes are known as the Early Years Foundation Stage.

The EYFS curriculum is split into 17 areas of learning and follows a thematic approach.  Each area of learning is implemented through planned, purposeful play opportunities where children are offered exciting and stimulating activities, allowing them to develop new skills and knowledge.

Children have the opportunity to work both indoors and outdoors through a mixture of child initiated and adult-led activities.

Observations form part of our assessment, and we value parental contribution, which is crucial.

We want our young children to develop a love of learning, where they are able to build their confidence, learn to explore, think about problems and relate to others.

Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural (SMSC)

Our curriculum is designed to develop the whole person and promote individual liberty.  Social, moral, spiritual and cultural experiences are woven throughout our school, our ethos and our curriculum to bring out the best in our children and prepare them for life in Peterborough and modern Britain. Opportunities to develop the 5C’s; Care, Courtesy, Consideration, Co-operation and Courage are built in.


Our children participate in Religious Education where they explore their own religions and spiritual identities, as well as those of their class mates. 

We invite religious leaders to our school to support children’s learning and children participate in visits to places of worship.

Assemblies reflect the religious diversity of the school and the World as well as recognising and valuing those who do not belong to a religion.

We celebrate significant experiences such as achievement, birthdays and festivals to ensure all children have the opportunity to feel special and valued.  Families are invited to share important moments with us.

We create opportunities where children can show fascination of the natural and manufactured world to deepen awareness of the world and its capacity to inspire awe and wonder.  Children get the chance to reflect on the diverse nature of our world.

Children have opportunities to show awareness of the feelings and emotions of others and to respect other people’s feelings and values.

We encourage children to be imaginative and creative across subjects.

Moral Development:

We encourage children to demonstrate mutual respect by responding appropriately to the needs and feelings of others as well as showing consideration and kindness to others.  Children develop an understanding of right and wrong by the Rule of the Law by creating opportunities for children to learn from people who are excellent models of the behaviour.  We teach them accountability for their actions and behaviours.

We teach children to communicate in ways that enable them to form mutually respectful relationships, make the contributions to school and community life.

Social Development:

Children at Highlees are provided with a range of activities which develop their social skills and understanding; caring for people, livings things, property and the environment.


We teach children to work collaboratively as a member of a group or team, sharing, taking turn, recognising each other’s strengths within a range of social controls.

Through activities involving teamwork, co-operation, competition, rules, self-discipline and fair play, children develop the skills of self-reflection, personal awareness and challenge.

We support pupils to develop positive relationships with peers and adults, including those who have different needs, views and opinions.  We teach children to help and support others and to experience being helped by others.

Our children are taught a range of social skills in a range of different contexts including working and socialising with pupils from different religions, ethnic and social-economic backgrounds, and with a range of needs and abilities.

Cultural Development:

Highlees has a culturally diverse population.  We celebrate each other’s cultural identities and teach the children to value their own cultural heritage and develop a true personal identity and demonstrate tolerance of those of different faiths and beliefs.

The curriculum encourages children to participate in and respond positively to a range of artistic, musical, sporting, mathematical, technological, linguistic, scientific and cultural opportunities.

Children use their senses to experience and respond positively to the languages, food, music, artefacts and cultural practices of different and diverse communities.

We encourage children to show own interest in exploring cultural diversity and show positive responses towards different religious, ethnic and socio-economic groups in the local, national and global communities.  We help them to appreciate the achievements of past societies and they begin to consider the results of events and decisions made in history.

If you have any questions about our curriculum, please speak to your child's class teacher.