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Year 6 Blog

Welcome to Year 6 Blog.  We hope that you will enjoy finding out what both classes (Year 6 Walliams and Year 6  Morpurgo) get up to this year.

Mrs Morley and Miss Nicholls

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  • 11/07/19

    A Place I Know

    As our final homework of year six, we asked the children to research a country they knew a lot about. Finding our more facts, creating a poster project or making some food from their chosen place. When sharing our homeworks we definitely had a feast. From Egypt to Lithuania, Latvia to Poland we trav...
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  • 04/07/19

    Play Rehearsals Have Begun

    It has been a busy week in year six.  On Monday our play rehearsals began ready for our year six celebration production. The year sixes have busied themselves with learning their lines, and practising songs so we will be ready for the big day. The year sixes have also had their year 7 tra...
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  • 27/06/19

    Aboriginal Artwork

    To continue our Australia theme we have been exploring traditional artwork this week.  As undercover agents we are particularly fascinated in secret messages, and were suprised to find out that the native Australians used secret messages too. We looked at the symbols they used to use to give...
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  • 21/06/19

    The Alchemist's Letter

    This week the year sixes have been busy writing. They have created an Australia fact file so they can learn all about the country ready for their undercover identities.  As well as writing about Australia we have also taken on another identity. A man who has been persuaded to use a machin...
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  • 13/06/19

    The Safety Challenge

    This Thursday year six enjoyed an afternoon of learning about how to stay safe. Water safety, fire safety, road safety and Internet safety - our year sixes now have some skills they can use to help them stay safe in the world around them. Please make sure you ask the year sixes what they learnt a...
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  • 06/06/19

    A Derbyshire Adventure

    This week some of our fantastic year sixes headed off to Derbyshire for a fun-filled adventure. From the 517 metre heights of Mam Tor, to the -200 metre depths of Speedwell Caverns, the year sixes definitely explored the highs and lows of the Peak District. On Monday we ventured out on our 2.5 ho...
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  • 06/06/19


    What a fantastic three days Year 6 had being spies and detectives! Every day started by opening a named envelope with a secret message...would they be a spy or detective for the day? Spies had secret tasks to complete whilst detectives had to use their best detective skills to try and work out who t...
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  • 17/05/19

    Have an 'ice' Weekend

    Congratulations Year Six! Our SATs week has finished and we have done lots of things to celebrate this Friday. From making Jungle-themed art for our relaxing reading corner to fish and chips and ice skating the year sixes have definitely been celebrating.    We had a picnic l...
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  • 10/05/19

    One Week To Go

    During our final week before SATs our year sixes have been working their socks off. We are extremely proud of everything they have done and know that they will all do their best next week. As our final day before SATs we decided the year sixes needed a well-deserved break - in the form of some...
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  • 26/04/19

    Summer Term!

      Welcome back to all our fantastic year sixes, I hope you're all ready for an amazing Summer Term.  It has been a busy start to the term, with the year sixes getting straight back into routine. This week we have also started our new Science topic 'Light'. We learnt about...
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  • 29/03/19

    The Wizarding World of Highlees

    After a busy week doing mock SATs the year sixes have a well-deserved day off. Today we finished our Global Projects - thinking about how to save the planet. We then got crafty making some Mother's Day cards. But the main event was our Harry Potter sleepover.  We started with a Harry Pot...
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  • 21/03/19

    Science in the News

    This week we decided to do something different when writing up our Science experiments - we got creative. Instead of writing a Science investigation our year six writers drafted a news story all about what they had uncovered. Walliams class were even able to apprehend some criminals using their know...
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