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Highlees & Eyrescroft


Happy New Year!

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I would like to start by wishing you all a very Happy New Year. Across the Federation we are focused and committed to making this a year to be proud of, ensuring each and every student is given the opportunity to thrive and grow and to realise their full potential.

A lot of time is spent ensuring that we are on track and making progress providing everything needed in order for your children to succeed. Success For All is proving to be a great example of where consistent, focused learning provides real results and progress. We work very hard to ensure this is in place across all of the curriculum and there are lots of new and exciting changes and plans that will ensure this happens. We are working as a team across the Federation and it is important that we continue our good relationships with parents and carers also so that our main focus is always on the best interests of the children. I am proud to lead the way going forward into 2018.

Being a parent or carer is one of  the toughest jobs out there and we all ultimately want the absolute best for our children both at school and at home. With this in mind I feel it is important that you are confident that issues arising are taken seriously and solutions found. We recently conducted a parent questionnaire and I am currently taking time to go through these very carefully so that I can identify what is working well and what may need addressing. I thank you for taking the time to fill these in and for being honest and constructive. I am taking time to look at all replies carefully and I will report back once I have formulated a plan.


It is very important that children arrive in plenty of time for school each day so that they can start their day off well and not miss out on any learning time. Thank you for your support in making sure your children are punctual each day. This has a huge impact on not only their learning but also on how they recognise the importance of structure and routine.


Currently our attendance is:-

Highlees 95.5%

Eyrescroft 95.3%

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As you will now be aware from previous correspondence we have now gone cashless across the Federation. The office staff spent a lot of time prior to breaking up for Christmas ensuring that parents and carers were aware of the changes and also ensuring that everyone had logins for ParentPay. Letters were sent and reminder texts and there were opportunities for parents to go into both schools for lessons in ParentPay to help with any problems.


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I know this is something I write about each time but we have had some serious issues arising regarding parking around both schools recently. I recognise that there are problems with parking and can only ask that you continue to park considerately and be respectful of our community. We have to find a way to work together on this to ensure the safety of our pupils.

70 Thing To Do

70 Things To Do before you leave…..Both schools have launched this project this week. It is an exciting project where children have 10 things to check off their book mark each year. Our aim is to give children experiences at school they will remember.

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