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Highlees Primary School Eyrescroft Primary School

Highlees & Eyrescroft

September 2019

September is an exciting time of year in schools and full of optimism for the coming year. We have been truly blessed with the beautiful weather that has welcomed us back to a new school year.

Our Reception children have started full time and I am pleased to report that they have all settled very well into their classes with their teachers. 

This year we are focussing our attention on teaching and learning. In order to give your child the best chance each day we rely on your support and partnership. We hosted a ‘meet the teacher event’ at the start of the year to begin to develop this important partnership. You can help your child by:

  • Ensuring they get to school on time, in uniform and well rested goes a long way to giving your child the best chance each day to reach their potential. 

  • Reading at home (for at least 10 minutes per day) has been proven to make a huge difference to a child’s learning and it is a lovely way to spend quality time with your child. 

  • Attend events for parents throughout the year

I will continue to work across both Highlees and Eyrescroft and I will do my best to try and get out on the playground when I can to meet you as you arrive at school. Although I may be working across two sites I am always able to be reached should you wish to make an appointment to talk to me. Please contact Mrs Keniston on 01733 262190 and she will make sure I am given the details and we will make an appointment. 

Attendance will remain a key issue across the Federation. It is very important that your child’s attendance is kept to a maximum as it severely impacts their learning and can lead to them being really unsettled as they miss out on so much. The attendance targets for both schools are:-

  • Eyrescroft 96%

  • Highlees 97%

I am delighted to announce that Mrs Stroud, Head of School at Highlees,  welcomed a beautiful baby boy in the holidays and both Mum and baby are doing well. 

We have welcomed some new staff members across the Federation and hopefully you had a chance to meet with them at the ‘meet and greet’. 

Clubs will be starting across the Federation next week. I hope you take this opportunity to enrol your child in after school activities. 

I am excited to lead the Federation as we go forwards and I hope we can work together and really make a difference to every single child.

Mrs Ward

Executive Principal